"Aw Snap" My website has been hacked! Now what? A few tips from redleg.

Generate site: operator / spam queries for Google search

A simple but effective method to check a site for the cause of a this site may be hacked warning, typically spam, is to do a series of searches in Google using the site: operator and some common "spam" terms. The search (cialis|viagra|xanax|levitra|tramadol|orlistat)

should return any URLs in Google's index from that contain the terms (cialis or viagra or xanax or levitra or tramadol or orlistat).

This form will return a list of links, when you click the links they will return the Google search results for each query. Hopefully the searches will not return any results, but, if they do they will give you a place to start looking.

Enter your naked domain (no www, no http.)

Note: If you search results are labeled this site may harm your computer that means Google is flagging your site for malicious content and you shoulld use the File Viewer tool, the purpoose of this utility is to look for spam content.